Doja Cat Pretends She's a Baby in New Bizarre Video
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The 'Paint the Town Red' raptress is once again slammed by social media users as she displays her antics, just days after she appeared to mock her followers online.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat seemingly cannot hold herself back on social media. After appearing to taunt her followers in a previous video, the singer/raptress continued her antics in a new clip that saw her pretending to be a baby.

In the clip which surfaced online on Tuesday, November 7, the Grammy winner was lying on a couch with her legs spread wide open and lifted up in the air. Her face was initially hidden behind her thick robe before the camera zoomed in.

Doja let out a fake cry in high pitch, prompting a woman behind the camera to ask, "Is that a baby?" Doja didn't answer and continued to cry like a baby. She appeared to be wearing pink pajamas. Meanwhile, a man who was in the same room appeared to complain that there were people trying to sleep amid the noise made by Doja.

It's unclear where the video was taken, but Doja is currently on her "The Scarlet Tour" in support of her fourth studio album "Scarlet". She is scheduled to perform at Footprint Center in Phoenix on Wednesday, November 8.

Upon seeing the video, people were mostly baffled than amused. "That desperate for attention?" one person called out the "Kiss Me More" hitmaker. Another wondered, "Is she on drugs." A third wrote, "She needs help for real. I mean I understand she just human like us but most of us don’t post our weird behavior online."

Just a few days ago, Doja appeared to taunt her followers on Instagram. In a clip posted on her Story on Sunday, she stuck her tongue out and repeatedly said "bleah!" to the camera in a mocking manner. She quickly followed up the clip with another to express her apology. "Guys, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that. I feel like it's mean for me to do that," she said in the second clip. Admitting that "that was really disturbing," she added, "I'm serious."

However, Doja seemingly wasn't serious with her apology as she later uploaded another video that showed her repeating her bizarre action. The "Paint the Town Red" raptress then posted a picture of her smiling widely, seemingly showing no remorse for her action.

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