Jenna Bush Reacts to Critics Urging Her and Hoda Kotb to Fire 'Today' Stylist
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In a new episode of 'Today with Hoda and Jenna', the co-host of the TV program declares that she and her fellow host look fabulous with outfits from their in-house stylist.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Bush Hager has reacted to critics urging her and Hoda Kotb to fire one of their co-workers. The co-host of "Today with Hoda & Jenna" came to the defense of the show's stylist upon learning negative online responses from social media users.

In the Thursday, October 26 episode, 41-year-old Jenna did not hold back in supporting stylist Talia Parkinson-Jones, who is also the TV program's executive producer. "Thank you Talia, and Talia, I hope you didn't read the comments, because they weren't true," she first stated.

In response, 59-year-old Hoda appeared confused with what Jenna was saying. To make it clear, Jenna explained, "Well people said, Fire the stylist. " She went on to stress, "And we don't want you to go anywhere!" Talia confidently replied that Jenna and Hoda "look fabulous" in their outfits. Jenna added, "The proof is in the pudding!"

Hoda chimed in the "Choose the Look" segment on the show, which allows Talia to give each of the two co-hosts three outfit choices and viewers vote on which ensemble they will wear for the next day, has helped her "step out of my comfort zone." Hoda added, "That's what lifes about."

"Like you can find the exact outfit, you say this looks like a Jenna outfit or this looks like a Hoda outfit or whatever, but I do think it's fun," she continued. "I feel very comfortable. I like this look, thank you to everybody who voted thank you to Talia for choosing it."

On Wednesday, the official Instagram account of "Today" show uploaded two posts to display Jenna and Hoda's respective outfit options. It did not take long for the posts to be flooded with negative online responses. One Instagram user criticized, "Not sure which is worse, Jenna's picks or Hoda's?? They both need new stylists." Another joined in, "Who is picking out these clothes!! Both Hoda & Jenna need to find a new stylist!"

Jenna was given three outfit options, consisting of a colorful striped dress, a beige vest with a pair of matching tailored pants and an all-pink formal look. Meanwhile, Hoda was presented with three ensemble choices, including a colorful striped top with black skirt, brown tank top with ivory skirt as well as a black-and-white top get-up. Eventually, viewers chose the striped dress for Jenna and the brown tank top with ivory skirt for Hoda.

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