Lil Baby Breaks Silence on Claims He's in Viral Gay NSFW Video

The rapper, who has been trending on X after a viral video allegedly shows him doing a racy act with another man, takes to Instagram to set the record straight.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby is finally speaking out amid rumors that he was featured in a gay NSFW video. The rapper, who has been trending on X after a viral video allegedly showed him doing a sex act with another man, took to Instagram to set the record straight.

"Y'all gotta stop using my name and likeness when y'all get bored," the "Do We Have a Problem?" spitter fumed on Instagram Stories on Sunday, October 22. "Then these extremes mfs go to for clout is sick!! Ain't no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL."

The emcee later sent his last warning, saying, "This my last time addressing any kind of dumb a** click bait. Tf is wrong wit y'all."

In the clip in question, a man can be seen giving another man fellatio. While the source is unknown, one person appeared to try convincing others that the man was Lil Baby by tagging his Instagram handle on the clip.

Immediately, Internet users took to social media to show mixed responses regarding the racy video. One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "me after seeing why Lil Baby is trending." The fan attached a meme of someone saying, "I used to look up to you, man. How could you do this?"

"LIL BABY DID WHAT????!?" one other asked in disbelief. Shutting down the speculations, one fan said, "this literally not dominique dont piss me off… its a whole pornstar," referring to the "Sum 2 Prove" hitmaker's real name Dominique Armani Jones.

Refusing to believe it was the hip-hop star, another tweeted, "COMMUNITY NOTES, PLEASE CONFIRM ITS NOT LIL BABY." Another user trolled Lil Baby's fans, writing, "Lil baby supporters right now," alongside a clip from "The Boondocks" featuring Riley asking, "He's gay, isn't he? And I was a biggest fan, that make me gay, don't?"

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