Tory Lanez's Dad Addresses Rumors of the Rapper's Release From Jail

The Canadian rapper is trending on social media amid fans' speculation that he has been released after he submitted another bail request, but his father clarifies that they're 'still waiting.'

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez's father has spoken up on rumors of his son's release from jail. #FreeToryLanez was recently trending on X, formerly Twitter, as fans have falsely speculated that the Canadian rapper has walked away from prison, but Tory's dad has set the record straight.

On Wednesday, October 11, Sonstar hopped on Instagram Live to address the matter. In a video filmed while he was in a car, Sonstar expressed his confidence that his son will be released, but stated that "we're still waiting."

Putting his faith in God, Sonstar said in his fiery message to Tory's fans, "I refuse to hang my head in shame.... I stand confident in Him. God says He will never allow his children to be put to shame before their enemies." He then declared that his son's voice "is not gonna be silenced."

Earlier this week, Tory'z legal team resubmitted his bail request after it was denied back in September. According to Meghann Cuniff, who has been covering the trial of Tory's shooting case, the motion was "nearly identical" to the first one he submitted.

The legal journalist went on noting that his motion is still pending. Following the false rumors, Meghann said she was "bombarded" with questions surrounding his release, which she found "hilarious."

"I gotta say this was an absolutely hilarious 45 minutes of being bombarded with questions about Lanez getting bail, posting that it's BS, then listening to a Twitter Spaces in which the people saying he got bail realized in real time it was BS. Epic," she wrote on X. " 'It shouldn't be that easy to make a fake email. ... These things should be verifiable.' Yes, if only there was this thing called the public court docket that we could check to see if something has actually happened in a case," she stressed.

Previously, Meghann reported that Tory's legal team was hoping it would only take "a day or two" for a hearing to be scheduled in the appellate court. However, contrary to their belief, the journalist noted that the process will take far longer than that.

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