Kim Kardashian Appears to Throw Cucumber Diss at Kendall Jenner on 'AHS: Delicate'

Fans and viewers are convinced that the SKIMS founder takes a playful dig at her model sister in one particular scene in the latest episode of the FX series.

AceShowbiz - Is Kim Kardashian poking fun at her sister Kendall Jenner on "American Horror Story: Delicate"? Fans were convinced that the SKIMS founder did hilariously shade the model in one particular scene in the latest episode of the FX series.

In the Friday, October 6 episode of the horror series, Kim's character Siobhan could be seen visiting her movie star friend Anna, who was played by Emma Roberts, at her hideaway house. The Hollywood publicist tried to comfort the star as the former had been dealing with fertility struggles and a terrifying stalker situation.

Siobhan then offered to cook Anna some "real food," before she headed to the kitchen. She showcased her amazing knife skills when chopping up a cucumber on a cutting board. Anna said, "It's orgasmic," to which Siobhan replied, "It's the green goddess dressing that went viral on TikTok."

Upon watching the scene, fans couldn't help but think that Kim was taking a playful dig at Kendall. "IM SCREAMING," one wrote. Another fan commented, "I couldn't believe they threw that in there." Someone else, meanwhile, added, "Kim K really said 'I can do EVERYTHING better than my sisters' with this scene."

Back in May 2022, Kendall made headlines for her questionable way to cut cucumbers. In an episode of "The Kardashians", the 818 Tequila founder told the family chef that she was going to make herself a snack. While she claimed that it was "pretty easy," her awkward knife skills didn't convince many fans online.

After being trolled online, Kendal admitted it was "tragic." She also addressed the matter during a Hulu panel last summer, saying, "Watching it back, I was like, 'Why did I cut it like that?' " The 27-year-old added, "I literally was talking to one of her chefs and I was like, 'Can you help me? Can you teach me? What did I do wrong? How can I do better? Let me take it seriously.' "

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