Jason Derulo Sued for Allegedly Dropping Singer From Record Deal After She Refused to Sleep With Him
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Emaza Gibson claims in her lawsuit that the 'Wiggle' hitmaker reached out to her in August 2021 and asked her to be involved in his label, Future History, as well as Atlantic Records.

AceShowbiz - Jason Derulo has been dragged to court by singer Emaza Gibson. Emaza is suing the "Talk Dirty" singer for allegedly dropping her from a record deal after she refused to have sex with him.

In a new lawsuit filed on Thursday, October 5 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Emaza claimed the 34-year-old crooner reached out to her in August 2021. He allegedly asked her to be involved in his label, Future History, as well as Atlantic Records. Emaza was told to make a mixtape in four months and an album in six.

Emaza was excited by the offer. However, once she began working with Jason, he often invited her to drinks and dinner at a members-only lounge. Although Emaza turned down the invitations multiple times, it's said that Jason started to invite her to drink during their studio sessions.

Emaza stated that she agreed to have a drink with Jason in the studio in September of that year," but he allegedly gave her "inappropriately large amounts of alcohol." She also claimed Jason asked her to partake in "goat skin and fish scales," which she read pertains to a sex ritual.

Emaza additionally noted that she was introduced to a woman named Rosa in November, whom she perceived to be an example of how her career could progress should she sleep with the pop and R&B singer. And when Emaza said she was "thrown off" by Rosa, Jason allegedly "lost control and began aggressively hitting his armrests, screaming, 'What does she have to do with you? We weren't going to tell you anything! We don't have to tell you anything!"

Emaza said Jason went "radio silent" after the incident. He also failed to assign her a project manager for her work and ignored messages. She was eventually dropped from Atlantic on September 6, 2022.

Speaking of the legal action, Emaza told NBC News, "I'm just trying to fight for what's right, because what was done to me was not OK." She continued, "And I wouldn't want anybody else to go through what I went through. They wasted my time. They promised me things."

" 'Forget the contract.' That's what I was told," the But if I wasn't going to do, if I wasn't doing my part according to this contract, I would be in trouble," the 25-year-old added. "I would be held accountable."

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