Jungkook Insists His Only Girlfriend Is His Fans

In a new interview, the 'Seven' hitmaker claims that he is too focused on he doesn't need a partner because he has the love and support of the 'ARMY,' the name for BTS' fandom.

AceShowbiz - Jungkook's only girlfriend is his fans. The BTS (Bangtan Boys) star has dismissed speculation about his personal life, insisting he is too focused on his career to find time for romance and doesn't need a partner because he has the love and support of the "ARMY."

During a live broadcast on Stationhead, the K-Pop megastar said, "I want to address something because I've been seeing comments about it. I don't have a girlfriend. I'm not currently dating anyone. I just want to focus on my work now, so I don't feel the need to have one. I don't have a girlfriend, so please stop talking about it."

"Right, my girlfriend is ARMY. I just have ARMY now," the 26-year-old heartthrob insisted. "Stop talking about it. Ah [now that I've said it], it felt exhilarating. I only have ARMY now, so don't worry. I'm only looking at ARMY now, so really, don't worry, okay?"

"ARMYs please spread this in English until far far away... You're gonna tell people that I'm your boyfriend if they ask? Okay do it! tell them I'm your boyfriend or friend or older or younger brother or family."

The "3D" singer claimed he is "grateful" for "even the malicious comments" because it means people are paying attention to him in some way, and if they don't like him, he doesn't like the trolls either. He said, "[I know] there are plenty of people who don’t like me [but I don't really care too much about them."

Explaining his gratitude for trolls, he added, "It means they are spending their time on me. I'd consider that some sort of interest. Right? They're different kinds of fans. If they had absolutely no interest in me, they wouldn't. So, I thank them for their time. I don't like them, though. I don't have to like them, do I? Of course, I love the ones who love me. I wouldn't love people who say bad things about me. I work for those who support me."

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