Cam'ron Insists He Isn't 'Toxic' Despite Wanting Women to 'Worship' Him in Relationship

The 48-year-old rapper, who says he's still looking for the 'right' person, reveals on his podcast that only one woman has ever left because 'b***hes don’t leave [him], [he] leaves them.'

AceShowbiz - Cam'ron has denied being a "toxic" partner. Although he wants women to "worship" him if they're in a relationship, the "Hey Ma" spitter insisted that he deserves it because he brings "too much to the table."

The 47-year-old opened up about the matter when speaking to Mase and Treasure "Stat" Wilson in a new episode of "It Is What It Is". He said, "I have a backup plan. If don't find the right female by the time I'm like, 65, 70… I already got a b***h overseas I'm grooming to clean my s**t."

"Make my bed, worship me 'till I die, and leave my son all the bread. I already got a mail-ready b***h ready on standby for when I turn 72 years old if I don't find the right b***h," he added. "Hopefully, I do, my uncle put me on to that plan."

Co-hosts Mase and Treasure laughed at Cam'ron statement, calling him "toxic." Unimpressed by the title, the emcee hit back, "I'm not toxic. That's why I'm not toxic, because I leave. Yo, I'm the n***a that leave. Last time a b***h left me it was second grade 'cause I put gum in her hair."

"B***hes don't leave me, man. They toxic! B***hes don't leave me, bro, I gotta leave b***hes! Ain't no b***h left me," he emphasized. "I bring too much to the table. I'm handsome, I get money, I hustle, I'm fly."

Cam'ron, who said he's still looking for the "right" woman, went on to note, "Toxic is when you stick around and fight. I don't fight." He then elaborated, "I had three order protections in my life on females. That's not toxic. When I gotta go to court, and get on the police station, and get order protection, now I'm toxic? Nah, I'm being safe, I'm scared!"

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