Finesse2Tymes Is Expecting a Child With Each of His Two Girlfriends

The Memphis rapper, who initially dated three women at the same time, confirms his girlfriend FNG Sugga's pregnancy just a few weeks after revealing that he dumped one of his partners.

AceShowbiz - Finesse2Tymes is expecting two kids with his two girlfriends. Days after revealing that he has a kid on the way with Nia Love, the Memphis rapper revealed that his other girlfriend, FNG Shugga, is also pregnant.

The emcee shared the announcement via Facebook on Monday, September 25. Sharing a screenshot of a text with Shugga that showed positive pregnancy tests, he penned, "Mama I need yo help!"

Shugga herself confirmed her pregnancy on her own page. "Well no headstand for me. But the party still going on," she wrote alongside a photo of her holding the pregnancy tests. On Instagram, meanwhile, she stated, "Uncle Elroy and Shugga have a creation on the way."

Finesse2Tymes initially dated three women at the same time. However, on September 11, he said he dumped one of them, BBJay, due to loose lips. "She was tawkn to much got eliminated, I told u don't speak on what u saw," he wrote on Instagram.

Finesse2Tymes got candid about dating three women at the same time when appearing on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast in March. "I'm such a gentlemen and ladies' man, it was kinda easy," he explained of the arrangement," he said. "I done had all of them tell me this separately. They like, 'It's kinda easy to accept what come with you because you so humble and so, you know, down to Earth. It's kinda easy. I don't ask for nothing but help from my women anyway."

"I felt like it was weird at first like, 'Ain't no woman gonna accept that.' But I thought about my past life and like, women ain't gonna accept that but it's a difference between being a h*e and a woman," he added. "A h*e gonna accept it because it's they job to accept other h*es but it ain't no woman's job to accept other women. So, for me to present that, it was kinda weird."

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