Tom Sandoval Calls Raquel Leviss 'Petty' After She Blocked Him on Instagram

Sandoval criticizes his former lover for showing the public that she blocked him, saying that it's 'a step backwards' when she was supposed to be 'working on' herself in a rehab.

AceShowbiz - Tom Sandoval hit out at Raquel Leviss- who checked into a mental health treatment facility amid the scandal in April - after she blocked him on Instagram hours after he sent her a public birthday message earlier this month.

He said of his 29-year-old former lover, "I think the power move is to mute people. That way, it's not like a thing …She posted on her Story … Doesn't that seem petty? When you go away to a place where you are supposed to be working on yourself, bettering yourself, doesn't that seem sort of like a step backwards?"

Tom also believes he will "probably" still be living with Ariana Maddix next year. The "Vanderpump Rules" stars broke up earlier this year after almost nine years together after Tom had an affair with co-star Raquel, and he revealed they are "slowly" learning to "co-exist" together because of their commitments to the show and their similar social circles.

"We have mutual friends, obviously, on the same show together, so we have to co-exist. It's gonna be a slow process. We will handle it the best we can," he told Extra.

Asked if he thinks he and Ariana, 38, will still be living together a year from now, he replied, "Probably, yeah."

The 40-year-old star confirmed he is currently single but has been dating even though he finds it an "awkward" process. He said, "It's just weird. It feels like a job interview, I don't usually like to go on dates unless I know them already. I would rather hang out with them and like their friends, see who they surround themselves with … see how they act when they get drunk, then later go out on dates."

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