Tori Spelling Slammed for Allegedly Getting Fillers Amid Financial Woes

The former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star is accused of going overboard with cosmetic treatments and fillers after looking plumped-up in the lips and face during a public appearance in Tampa, Florida.

AceShowbiz - Social media users are questioning Tori Spelling's priorities following her recent public appearance. The actress has been accused of undergoing cosmetic procedures to enhance her look despite her financial woes.

The Donna Martin depicter on "Beverly Hills, 90210" was alleged to have been getting fillers after attending 90s Con 2023 in Tampa, Florida over the past weekend. Sharing a photo and videos from the event on Instagram, she looked seemingly plumped-up in the lips and face while blowing kisses at the camera.

The 50-year-old also flaunted her slim figure in a white crop top and denim cargo pants in the clip and photo. She reunited with her "Beverly Hills, 90210" co-star Brian Austin Green and posed with him as well as hairstylist Laura Rugetti in the image.

The post was quickly inundated with comments accusing her of going overboard with cosmetic treatments and fillers while she's struggling financially. "I dont understand, if you're that broke, then how do you affird [sic] all those fillers in your face? Your face is over filled...," one person wrote.

Another remarked, "Somebody needs a few hamburgers and less plastic surgery. Oh geez. Not going to say who but it's not a good look." A third alleged that Tori got "Ozempic face and tummy tuck stomach."

Some others claimed Tori look like Wendy Williams following her alleged cosmetic procedures. "Why does she look like Wendy Williams though?!" one of them wondered. Another similarly claimed, "It's Wendy Williams girl stop with plastic surgery. Nothings gonna help."

Not a fan of Tori's new look, someone else said, "It doesn’t even look like Tori spelling she doesn't look good."

Back in August, Tori was hospitalized for an undisclosed health issue after she and her children stayed in an RV. She sported bruises on her face and was escorted to a black SUV in a wheelchair when she was discharged from a Los Angeles emergency ward following a four-day stay in the hospital.

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