Remy Ma Responds to Geechi Gotti's Accusations She Cheats on Papoose During Rap Battle

After Geechi drops some bars about Eazy The Block Captain's alleged fight with Papoose due to his supposed affair with Remy, she claims that she is 'used to it.'

AceShowbiz - Remy Ma has responded after Geechi Gotti reignited speculation about her alleged affair with Eazy The Block Captain. The raptress appeared to be unfazed by Geechi's allegations that she has been cheating on Papoose with Eazy.

Asked about the shocking lines dropped by Geechi during a rap battle versus her alleged secret lover Eazy, Remy said it's nothing new. "I'm comfortable, I'm comfortable. Listen, it's battle rap," she said in a video after the "Chrome 23" show.

"I'm used to it, like, it's to be expected," she continued. "It's not the first time somebody said my name in one of their rounds." When the person behind the camera noted how long the call-out lasted, Remy simply brushed it off. "He loves me, he loves me," she said of Geechi.

In the latest "Chrome 23" showcase "I Do What I Want" featuring Geechi and Eazy, the former taunted his opponent with his bars which mentioned Eazy's alleged fight with Papoose. "If you're gonna cheat, at least cheat with a n***a who can fight. You know this ain't right. Remy, you're supporting a victim. We've had six [battle rap] events, and Papoose was at all of them, but he ain't at this one," Geechi rapped.

He also spitted, "You foul for real, and I hope all that awkwardness in your home - your child don't feel. How can you protect a n***a who can't protect you is wild for real."

Eazy didn't deny the allegations. Instead, he rapped, "You wanna know who I'm f**king, you want the details, n***a keep this on the DL. If you heard that a n***a socked me over a female, it's probably because I still got the female."

Rumors of Remy and Eazy's alleged affair first surfaced in June after the young star reportedly had a fight with Papoose backstage at Remy's Chrome23 Event. Papoose was reportedly upset with Eazy for the way he treated his wife Remy.

However, Remy later denied the fight rumors in a tweet. The "All the Way Up" hitmaker, who created the battle rap league, wrote at the time, "...and can y'all please STOP with the Eazy & Pap LIES."

Eazy himself has seemingly responded to the fight rumors with a cryptic post. Just a few hours after Remy posted hers, the actor/rapper wrote, "Y'all want something bad to happen to me so baddddd of course it's the same hating n***as and females but y'all should get the story straight before y'all speak."

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