Ex-NFL Star Sergio Brown Shows Erratic Behavior in New Video After Mom's Death

In a clip posted on an account linked to the former New England Patriots player, he makes rambling comments referencing 'Finding Nemo' and tags Sydney, Australia as his location.

AceShowbiz - Sergio Brown has posted another bizarre video after his mother was found dead and he was reported missing. In a second video posted on an Instagram account linked to the former NFL star, he displayed erratic behavior while making rambling comments on the news.

Wearing a green jersey, the 35-year-old appeared to mock the reports saying he was "missing" as he made a reference to the 2003 animated movie "Finding Nemo". "Missing? They aint never seen 'Finding Nemo'," he said with a laugh. "Just keep swimming. Missing? What the f**k is going on?"

The former New England Patriots player also called the incident "traumatic." In the clip, he tagged Sydney Opera House in Australia as his location.

Prior to the new video which he posted on Tuesday, September 19, Sergio spoke out on his mother's death and his reported disappearance in a bizarre video on Monday. In the clip where he tagged ESPN, he said that he thought his mother was "on vacation" and blamed the FBI and Maywood police for what happened to his mom.

"Fake news," the Maryland native repeatedly said in the video. "It had to be the FBI." He claimed that he has been kidnapped by the FBI multiple times, adding, "They came into my house … unwarranted.... They kidnapped me twice from home."

"I thought my f**king mama was on vacation," the former football safety added. "The FBI had to do it." He ended the video by warning, "Don't come f**king with me."

Maywood police told NBC that the department is aware of the social media account. "Currently this is an active investigation, and the department is unable to share any further details at this time. We appreciate your patience while our agency continues to investigate the matter," they said.

Sergio was believed to be missing after his mother Myrtle Brown was found dead near a creek behind her west suburban home. He was found responsive on Saturday evening as police searched for her and her son, who last played for the Buffalo Bills.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said on Sunday that Myrtle's death was ruled a homicide. The cause of death was multiple injuries resulting from an assault.

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