Jessica Chastain Slams 'Click Bait' Media for Saying She Shops at Target to Get Into Character
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The 46-year-old Oscar winner takes to social media to call out a 'shady' headline that reads, 'Jessica Chastain shopped at Target to get into character as a normal person ‘who leads a simple life’ for her new movie.'

AceShowbiz - Jessica Chastain is not here for false stories about her. Upon seeing a headline saying that she shops at Target to get into character for her new movie, "Memory", the Oscar winner took to social media to slam the "click bait" media.

The 46-year-old set the record straight via X (formerly Twitter). She responded to a Los Angeles Times article titled, "Jessica Chastain shopped at Target to get into character as a normal person 'who leads a simple life' for her new movie."

In her own message, Jessica argued, "Such a shady & click bait headline." She then explained, "The interesting part wasn't that I shopped at Target (I do it all the time- best holiday decorations & school supplies) it was that I got to get into character by shopping for my own costumes. That's the not normal part."

Shotly after Jessica made the post, the publication changed the headline. It now reads, "Jessica Chastain went shopping for her own costumes at Target for her new movie, 'Memory'."

The actress opened up about buying her own costume for "Memories" in an interview with IndieWire. "I was in Nashville at the time, and I went to Target," she told the outlet. "We were moving quickly. I think I spent like $130 and I brought it back, and we did a fitting."

"[Director Michel Franco] told me that our cinematographer Yves [Cape] goes, 'She still looks too chic!' " Jessica, who plays a recovering alcoholic with childhood trauma named Sylvia in the movie, went on recalling. "There was a lot of 'let's try and just scrub Jessica of any kind of movie star feeling that we can,' which also I appreciated."

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