T.I.'s Son King Harris Reacts to Criticism Over Homeless Man 'One Chip Challenge', It Backfires

The 19-year-old attempts to defend himself after catching huge flak for posting a video of him offering a homeless man $50 to participate in the Paqui 'one chip challenge.'

AceShowbiz - T.I.'s son attempted to defend himself amid his recent controversy but it came to no avail. King Harris continued being dragged on social media after he addressed criticism over the "one chip challenge" he did with a homeless man.

For the record, the 19-year-old caught huge flak for posting a video of him offering a homeless man $50 to participate in the Paqui "one chip challenge." In the clip, he told the man that he'd give him $50 to eat the spicy chip. The teenager said he had to go for five minutes without drinking to complete the challenge.

The man accepted the offer, but shortly after eating the snack, he looked to be in pain. Someone then gave a bottle of water to the homeless man, but Harris insisted he couldn't drink it.

Harris and his friends were laughing as they watched the man struggling. Eventually, the man drank the water before the challenge was up, and Harris gave him $20 instead of $50.

Catching wind of the backlash, Harris gave his response through an Instagram post. "Out of All the times the internet tried to tear me down ... I held my spot down head up through it all and came out smiling on top," he wrote alongside his photos. "Shout out to my REAL supporters and fans for never switching up on me."

Unexpectedly, Harris received more hate after sharing the post. "n***a nobody gives af about you we give af about the homeless man that you exploited and could've potentially endangered. grow up," one user argued, while another commented, "Bro you do the dumbest lamest s**t and expect us to respect you because you ti and tiny son bro get off the internet."

A third argued, "Clearly your parents FAILED when they attempted to raise you. How are you exploiting the less fortunate and mocking them for clicks and likes? It's people like you who are dangerous to society with the lack of empathy you are showing." Someone else chimed in, "You still haven't issued an apology to that Homeless Man but you want people to respect you. You're too entitled for me."

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