Cardi B Releases Twerk-Filled Music Video for 'Bongos' ft. Megan Thee Stallion

Similar to the music video for their 2020 hit 'WAP', the new raunchy visuals shows Cardi and Megan shaking their booties as they are joined by a group of energetic backup dancers.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are back it. Days after announcing a new joint single "Bongos", the two female rappers finally released the racy song on Friday, September 8 alongside its official music video.

In the raunchy visuals, the 30-year-old and the Houston hottie can be seen twerking on the beach and pool as they wear extravagant outfits. The Grammy-winning artists are also joined by a group of booty-shaking dancers in the clip.

Cardi opens the track by rapping, "N***a, eat this a** like a plum/ This p***y tight like a nun/ Better chew it up like it's gum/ Then wipe your mouth when you done." She continues, "I'm hot like Nevada, p***y get popped, pinata/ B***h, I look like money/ You could print my face on a dollar."

Megan then follows in the second verse, "This a** sit like the stallion, all these wannabes my lil' ponies/ These h*es camped out in the comments, always talkin' like they know me (Ayy)." She goes on, "Thick b***hes in the black truck, packed in/ Eat whoever in my way, Ms. Pacman/ Hermes, made a real big purchase/ Purse so big, had to treat it like a person."

Cardi and Megan, who previously worked on their 2020 hit "WAP", announced their new collab on Monday. Taking to Instagram, they shared a colorful artwork that featured the two going color-coordinating in blue and purple one-pieces and high heels. "BONGOS Cardi x Megan Thee Stallion 9/8," Cardi captioned it, while Megan added a devil emoji in the caption of her post.

Before announcing the new single featuring Megan, Cardi spoke with Vogue Mexico about her next musical moves. "I'm not going to release any more collaborations, I'm going to put out my next solo single," the wife of Offset shared. "Right now I'm working on the cover art and ideas for the next record because it's definitely coming up. So stay tuned because it's coming out very soon. I also have plans in the world of cinema. In fact, I have plans to do everything I can: fashion, branding, I want to do it all, honey."

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