Dionne Warwick Refuses to Make Music Using AI

The 'That's What Friends Are For' hitmaker rules out any possibility of collaborating with late stars like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson using artificial intelligence.

AceShowbiz - Dionne Warwick has promised to never create music using artificial intelligence - even if she was offered the chance to sing with her late cousin Whitney Houston. The 82-year-old soul legend has released a host of iconic songs such as "Heartbreaker", "Walk on By", and "That's What Friends Are For", but she has no interest in her music or the tracks of her late friends - such as Whitney and Michael Jackson - being created with the help of AI technology.

"No. I wouldn't," she said when asked if she would ever use AI to duet with her old friends - which includes Michael Jackson.

Dionne also addressed whether she would be interested in having a biopic on her life and career made by Hollywood. The singer was so happy with the documentary "Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over" that was made by Dave Wooley and David Heilbroner for CNN that she doesn't think a movie would add much to her story.

In an interview with DailyMail.com, she said, "I have a biography out now. It is called 'Don't Make Me Over'. It was first aired on CNN. And it was so well received, won many honours already at film festivals. I'm not even looking at a film on Dionne Warwick. If it happens, it's wonderful..."

"I am happy with my biography, the film was well received and as I said, it won many, many honours, which I'm thrilled about and it's very good. It really is. It's great if I say so myself."

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