Morgan Wallen's Fangirls Get Physical Near Porta Potty at His Pittsburgh Show

Some fangirls of the country music star go wild while in line for a porta potty at the Grammy-winning musician's 'One Night at a Time World Tour' stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

AceShowbiz - Things went south at Morgan Wallen's show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a video circulating online, some fangirls of the country music star got into a wild brawl while in line for a porta potty at the Wednesday, August 30 event at the Pittsburgh Pirates' stadium PNC Park.

Wearing a pink fringe top, one of the girls could be seen yelling at the other, before they started attacking each other physically. The other woman, who donned a white knit cardigan, got shoved into one toilet and got beaten by the pink fringe top woman and her friend.

Things further escalated when another woman, wearing a blue romper and white cowboy boots, joined in. The new woman straight up threw punches at the two girls who were hitting her friend inside the porta potty. It's currently unknown what sparked the fight, but it seemed like they had a dispute over who could use one of the toilets. It's also unclear if any arrests were made that night or if anyone suffered any serious injuries.

Upon watching the clip, Internet users quickly joked about the matter. "These boots are made for STOMPING," one wrote. Another added, "Was really hoping for swirly or something."

Another user said of an innocent bystander, "She just dropped a massive dump and came outside to a cat fight." Someone else penned, "There's trash… and then there is white trash."

Despite the brawl, Morgan's concert from his "One Night at a Time World Tour" went without a hitch. The "Last Night" singer was initially scheduled to perform in Pittsburgh on June 14-15, but rescheduled it due to vocal injuries in May.

He shared in an Instagram video on May 9, "I'm just gonna go ahead and get straight to it. I got some bad news from my doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center yesterday. After taking 10 days of vocal rest I performed three shows last weekend in Florida and by the third one I felt terrible."

Morgan additionally informed his fans that he was told to go on total vocal rest for six weeks. "They told me that if I do this the right way, I'll get back to 100% and they also said that if I don't listen and I keep singing, then I'll permanently damage my voice," the "Whiskey Glasses" performer explained. "So for the longevity of my career, this is just a choice I had to make. I hate it. But I love you guys, and I appreciate all the support that you always give me."

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