Megyn Kelly Declares She Still 'Can't Stand' Kim Kardashian Although Her Hate Isn't Personal

When speaking out against the SKIMS founder on her SiriusXM podcast series, the 'Megyn Kelly Show' host also blames the reality star's mother, Kris Jenner, for her 'vapid vanity.'

AceShowbiz - Megyn Kelly is not a fan of Kim Kardashian and she doesn't have a problem letting the world know. After watching the latter's strategy to get the right photo at a DMV, "The Megyn Kelly Show" host declared that she "can't stand" the SKIMS founder though her hate isn't personal.

"It's not personal. I don't think she's evil. I just hate what she represents," the 52-year-old stated in the Tuesday, August 22 episode of her SiriusXM podcast series. "I can't stand her, for all sorts of reasons."

In the video where Kim was taking pictures of her driver's license, she was joined by two members of her team who made sure she looked perfect. Later in the footage, "The Kardashians" was seen asking a DMV employee to edit her photos.

After watching the video, Megyn argued, "Oh my god, that is stomach-turning." The journalist then added, "She's all about appearances. That's the only thing that matters to her, that's it. Even her billion-dollar brand is all about sucking in your fat so you can look better. That's her contribution to the world. I'm not saying it's bad, but that's where she's making her money."

"Looking at herself, and encouraging young girls in America and around the world to look at themselves and have other people look at them instead of listen to them," the former Fox News personality continued. "Because when you listen for 20 seconds, you're revolted at the banal emptiness that is the shell of that woman."

Megyn even blamed Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, for her vanity. "She had a mother who fed her to the wolves," Megyn said. "Her fake law degree, which she didn't get, was just a cover to make it seem like she was making an effort to be an intellectual, which she's not and never will be. She's about vapid vanity, and I object on so many different levels."

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