Whitney Port Admits She Looks Unhealthy but Insists She Didn't Realize She's Too Skinny

In a new episode of her podcast show, 'The Hills' star claim she didn't know she was really skinny until she saw the number on a scale when she decided to weight herself.

AceShowbiz - Whitney Port has acknowledged she doesn't look "healthy" and said she had "no idea" she weighed "as little" as she did until she stepped on a scale. "The Hills" TV personality, 38, revealed in July how her husband Tim Rosenman, 46, who she married in 2015, had told her he was worried she is "too thin" while warning her how her fans were talking online about her skinny frame - which she admitted is partly down to her unhealthy approach to eating.

"Once you see the numbers, the numbers can't lie," she told fans about how stepping on a scale was an "eye-opener" on Tuesday's August 1 episode of her "With Whit".

She added, "In my head, I didn't think it was as big of a deal as it actually was, and I still don't really. But I do think I'm clearly not eating enough and that how I look right now does not look healthy. It's not how I want to look. I complain a lot about my lack of energy. Part of that stems from not giving myself what it actually needs."

The ex-reality star asked her fans not to "worry" as she is planning to "eat thoughtfully" and "put the right things in (her) body," as well as "work out in a way that will build muscle." She vowed, "I'm on it, guys. … I don't think it's as big of an issue as it may seen."

Whitney said in an Instagram Story post on July she wanted to address her weight, adding, "Timmy brought it to my attention, as a good husband should, and said it's not just something strangers are spewing. He has been worried about me. I had to think about it and try to figure out what has been happening because it's not something I'm consciously thinking about."

Whitney added in her lengthy post that when she weighed herself it "hit" her she has been setting an "unhealthy example." She said, "I eat to live, not the other way around… I always feel hungry but I just don't know what to eat. It's not how I want to look or feel though."

Whitney added she's "too lazy to make feeding (herself) a priority," adding, "I'm too picky when it comes to taste and quality. Both are unacceptable." She has now promised to make her health and eating properly a "priority" in future.

One Instagram user had accused Whitney of achieving her abs by "not eating," with others accusing her of a "starvation" diet. She did not reply to comments at the time.

In 2010, the former reality star told OK! Magazine she would "monitor" what she ate and, at one point in her life, stuck to only 1,000 calories a day. She said, "(That's) as bad as it has ever gotten. It's hard to have that balance of wanting to look good but stay healthy. It's a push (and) pull."

In 2018, Whitney - who has six-year-old son Sonny with Tim and has suffered multiple miscarriages while trying to expand her family in recent years - stunned fans by admitting to never having tried pasta. She said about an upcoming trip to Italy at the time, "I think I'm going to actually try pasta there. I feel like I have to, right?"

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