Nicolas Cage Pleased With 'The Flash' Cameo as Superman Despite Very Brief Appearance
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The 'Renfield' actor is 'satisfied' with his very 'quick' appearance as the Man of Steel in the DC superhero movie fronted by Ezra Miller as the famous Speedster.

AceShowbiz - Nicolas Cage said his cameo in "The Flash" was "satisfying." The 59-year-old actor was dued to portray Superman in 1998's "Superman Lives" but Warner Bros. pulled the plug just weeks before filming was set to begin, so he admitted he was thrilled to finally bring the character to life in the 2023 movie, albeit very briefly.

"Well, I was glad I didn't blink," he quipped to USA Today. He then added, "For me, it was the feeling of being actualised. Even that look for that particular character, finally seeing it on screen, was satisfying. But as I said, it's quick."

The cameo sees Nicolas appear as Superman fighting a giant spider during a scene where Ezra Miller, as Barry Allen, opens the multiverse to see different universes, with the clip also featuring Christopher Reeve and George Reeve as the Man of Steel, Helen Slater as Supergirl, and Adam West's Batman.

For fans wondering how the "Renfield" actor would have played Superman if "Superman Lives" had been made, he suggested looking at his "performance in 'City of Angels.' " He explained, "I was supposed [to play] Clark Kent after that, and I was already developing this alien otherness playing this angel."

"That is a perfect example of the tonality you would've gotten for Kal-El and for Clark Kent, Clark would've been a little more amusing but Kal-El [had] the sensitivity and the goodness and the vulnerability and all those feelings that were kind of angelic and also terrifying."

Last month, filmmaker Kevin Smith, who wrote several draft screenplays for "Superman Lives" admitted it had been "mind-melting" seeing Nicolas' cameo in "The Flash". He told Rolling Stone magazine, "I finally got to see Nic Cage be Superman . It has been an absolute delight for me."

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