Bebe Rexha Bursts Into Tears as She Addresses Split From Boyfriend on Stage

The 'I'm Good' singer confirms she is no longer in a relationship with boyfriend of three years, Keyan Safyari, during her concert in London over the weekend.

AceShowbiz - Bebe Rexha sobbed as she confirmed she has split from her boyfriend of three years. The "I'm Good" hitmaker informed fans her relationship with Keyan Safyari is over, just a few weeks after she shared fat-shaming texts she'd received from him in the wake of her gaining weight due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

"I just went through a break-up so I might get a little emotional and you need to help me," Bebe told the crowd as she introduced her song "Atmosphere" when performing her "Best F'n Night of My Life" gig in London on Friday, July 28.

Later, as she performed "I Am", she wept as she saw fans holding up signs which read, "You are enough." She quipped, "You really are trying to make a b**** cry."

The 33-year-old singer is refusing to wallow in her heartbreak and told fans she planned to hit the town in a bid to find a new man. She said, "I am going to be at Heaven tonight partying and looking for a new boyfriend. I don't know why I would look for a new boyfriend in a gay club but you know…fluid?"

The "Heart Wants What It Wants" singer hinted at trouble in her relationship with the cinematographer earlier this month when she shared screenshots of a message seemingly sent by Keyan which expressed concern about her "changing" face amid her weight gain due to her health issues.

The message read, "Hey. I never said you weren't beautiful and I never said I didn't love you. In fact I said how beautiful you are and how much I loved you. But I always said I would be honest with you and your face was changing so I told you it was."

"That was the conversation we were having and you asked ... Because I care, would you rather I lied to you? You gained 35 pounds obviously you gained weight and your face changes? Should I just pretend it didn't happen and that it's ok?"

The writer went on to suggest Bebe was trying to find a way of ending the relationship, adding, "Come on I gain three pounds and you called me chubbs and fat. Doesn't mean you don't love me. If you're trying to find reasons to break up this makes sense … but it's not the real reason."

"If you're unhappy with me/yourself/with life and don't see a future with us then that's ok and that's the reason. Don't use something like that to weaponise your anger or anxiety or any insecurity you may have. You know I always found you to be beautiful and loved you no matter what."

The writer of the message concluded by suggesting the singer should take some time out to have therapy and go to a retreat to help deal with her issues. The post added she should "think about things and write things down, speak to a therapist and do this retreat thing to get to the root of the problem," before adding, "Let me know if you'd like to speak if you need more clarity. Love you."

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