Slash Reveals What Would've Made Him Turn Down Michael Jackson Collaborations

Having worked with the late musicians on songs such as 'D.S.', 'Morphine' and 'Give Into Me', the Guns N' Roses guitarist says he would never conform into a certain style.

AceShowbiz - Slash says his collaborations with Michael Jackson "probably would've never happened" if he had been pushed into "conforming" into a certain style. The 58-year-old musician collaborated with the late King of Pop, who died in 2009 aged 50, on songs such as "D.S.", "Morphine" and "Give Into Me", and Slash loved working with the "phenomenal talent."

He told, "It evolved into a lot of live performances and stuff during that period in the 90s. I guess he sort of related to what he thought my trip was all about and just let me do my thing. So it was great for me because I loved working with Michael because he's such a phenomenal talent, and I would've been probably not into it if he tried to get me to conform to some other person or style or whatever, and it probably would've never have happened."

Slash told how the "Thriller" hitmaker was happy to let him do his "thing" on song "Give in to Me", which appeared on Michael's 1991 album "Dangerous".

He added, "Mike just does his thing and he does it so incredibly well. I mean, he just exudes ... it just comes out of him and he just let me do my thing. So I just did what came natural to me and he just let me have the floor - that was basically it. There wasn't, again, a lot of forethought. When I did 'Give in to Me' I went down to the studio [and] met up with Michael for like 15 minutes. He went to dinner, and I worked with the producer, and I just put guitars on the thing and left. Then Michael heard it, and I got a call back the next day. 'Loves it. It's great.' So it wasn't what you'd call 'true' collaborating, it was just like, 'Slash do your thing on this.' [Laughs]. That kind of deal."

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