Ice Spice Cried During Her First Meeting With Nicki Minaj

During her interview with Apple Music 1's host Zane Lowe, the 'Munch' rapper also reveals how she got to collaborate with Taylor Swift on 'Karma', which she claims happened randomly.

AceShowbiz - Ice Spice talked about her interactions with a number of other big celebrities in a new interview with Apple Music 1's host Zane Lowe. The "On Ha Mood" hitmaker recalled the memorable and emotional moment when she first met Nicki Minaj.

Ice Spice revealed that when she met the "Anaconda" raptress in person for the first time, she felt extremely nervous. "I was nervous to get there but when I was there, I was, like, chilling. But when she said something, I got nervous," she recalled.

The "Boy's a Liar Pt.2" femcee then shared that she couldn't help but get emotional when Nicki came to hug her. "When she came to me and hugged me, I started crying," she said. "I just feel like, 'Bruh, this is the journey.' I love Nicki and meeting her was great but for me it also just mostly felt like a full circle moment. This is crazy."

"Little me is screaming. It felt like such an accomplishment meeting her in a way," she added.

During her interview, Ice Spice also revealed how she got to collaborate with Taylor Swift on "Karma", which she claimed happened randomly. She said that her manager told her that someone named "Taylor" wanted to work with her, but she had no idea who it was. "So I'm like, 'Okay.' And I was having a really bad day also, I would like to say that. I was having a terrible day. I was crying all morning because I was just so mad at something," the 23-year-old star said.

"And then he called me with that news. And then I cried more because it was good news. My life is a roller coaster. How I started the day crying, and I'm ending it crying, but for different reasons," she continued.

Ice Spice then gushed over the "Cruel Summer" hitmaker, saying, "It was amazing. We went to the studio and she's so humble and so nice. I kid you not. I pulled up to the studio and she outside waiting for me. I'm like, 'Why is Taylor Swift outside?' Like, 'Taylor, what are you doing here?' So she's great. She's so funny. We text all the time. She is f**king hilarious. I'm not going to lie. She's the funniest person ever."

Later in the episode, Ice Spice reflected on the moment Taylor brought her on stage at the East Rutherford, New Jersey stop of her "Eras Tour". "It's crazy because you hear all this, the roar that you hear in a Taylor Swift show is unmatched," she divulged. "I don't think I've ever heard that. And there's so many... So I tried to watch the show. Sorry, I'm jumping everywhere. I'm just so excited about this experience. But I tried to watch the show and I was like, 'No one's going to notice me. They're paying attention to whatever.' "

She continued, "So I'm standing there trying to be low-key. And then this one little seven-year-old girl screams my name. And she was like, 'Ice Spice!' She was like, 'Boy's a Liar', 'In Ha Mood'.' And I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, she's so f**king cute.' And then a bunch of other little girls just appeared and they just was trying to take pictures."

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