'The Bachelorette' Recap: A Shocking Return at Cocktail Party

The new episode of the long-running ABC dating show sees Charity Lawson and her remaining suitors traveling to Stevenson, Washington as she hopes for a new experience.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" returned for a new episode on Monday, July 17. The new episode saw Charity Lawson and her remaining suitors traveling to Stevenson, Washington as she hoped that a new place would give them all a new experience.

Despite the beautiful scenery, the men continued to despise each other. Aaron B. tried to sabotage Brayden by badmouthing him to Charity. However, the leading lady decided to keep Brayden on the show.

Meanwhile, the first one-on-one date in the episode went to Dotun. During the date, he impressed Charity with his calm confidence. She unsurprisingly gave him a rose.

Later, Charity chose both Brayden and Aaron B. to be a part of her group date. The guys vowed to focus on the date and try to make Charity smile on the date.

For the date, they were joined by three girls from the Girl Scouts. They said they wanted to be impressed by the guy's resourcefulness, strength and bravery before they chose one special guy to hang out with Charity at the Kissing Tree.

Brayden did well during the game and that annoyed the others. They then had a questionnaire right after that. When asked about who would they eat amongst the guys, they all chose Brayden. Brayden ended up losing with Aaron B. winning, prompting the former to complain.

Since he won, Aaron got time at the Kissing Tree with Charity. Upon returning to the house, he talked about how it went and he said he could see himself proposing to Charity. Meanwhile, Brayden packed his bags because he wasn't sure if they would still be dating after this or if he will fall in love with Charity.

Charity then walked in on the guys talking about the matter. She pulled Brayden aside because she wanted to show him that she did have feelings for him, but that didn't stop him from leaving. While it was a mutual decision by Charity and Brayden, she was still hurt by him leaving.

After Brayden left, the other men told Charity that he was there for the wrong reasons. Aaron was eager to tell Charity how glad he was that the toxicity was out of the house. While Aaron won the group date, Charity decided to give the group date rose to Joey.

Next, Charity had a one-on-one date with Xavier. They went to the farmer's market, where she got flirty with him. She also opened up about her ex with Xavier, whom she thought was very much an adult in this matter. She pointed out that Xavier listened to her, unlike Brayden. At the end of the date, she presented Xavier with a rose despite much hesitancy beforehand.

At the cocktail party, everyone was surprised when Brayden showed up. He walked in on Charity as she was kissing someone else. He said he came back because he wanted to make sure that Charity knew that the problem was on him, not her. Charity said she did know and she didn't blame herself at all.

Before Brayden left, the guys confronted him in his car. They told Brayden that he was trash and said that he should never have come back. They also called him out for interrupting their time with Charity that night.

Charity, however, wasn't happy with how the men wasted their time to confront Brayden instead of spending the rest of the night with her. They returned only to find out that the party was over. Later on the Rose Ceremony, Charity gave her roses to everyone except Caleb, John and Michael.

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