Teresa Giudice's Daughter Milania Admits to Losing 40 Pounds After Her Mom's Subtle Hints

During a podcast interview, the 17-year-old daughter of the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star claims that her mother never directly told her to eat better or work out.

AceShowbiz - Teresa Giudice has apparently played a part in her daughter losing 40 pounds back when she was in middle school. When making an appearance on Teresa's podcast, Milania Giudice admitted that she spent two months to slim down after picking up subtle hints from her mother.

In the Wednesday, July 5 episode of "Namaste B$tches" podcast, the 17-year-old first confessed, "I weighed so much. My heaviest was like 150." She went on to spill how much weight she dropped by stating, "And then when I was done [losing weight], I was like 110."

On her mother's part in her weight loss journey, Milania got real about the indirect hints she got from the 51-year-old. She recalled, "My mom would - she would never say anything to me - but she'd be like, 'Oh, you're gonna have another ice cream?' " She further joked that she would tell her mother, " 'I don't care if I'm fat!' "

The third child of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star additionally recounted, "I'd be like, 'If I'm fat, I'm fat. Whatever. It's my life.' I'd be like, 'Mom, don't say anything to me. If I'm gonna have another ice cream, I'm gonna have another ice cream!' "

On the other hand, Milania unraveled that her sisters, 22-year-old Gia, 18-year-old Gabriella and 13-year-old Audriana, were more blatant than her mother. "My sisters would always throw jabs at me. Like, 'Oh, you're gonna have another ice cream after dinner?' They would always throw little jabs at me, but it was fine. It was whatever," she explained.

Despite the constant nudges from her loved ones, Milania stated that she was the one making the decision to start working out and eating better. Once she made up her mind, she stated, "It just clicked, and I did it."

Referring to her younger self as a "full-on pumpkin," Milania added that she had her "glow-up" after she "literally felt suffocated in my own body." She further elaborated, "It happens to everybody. You go through a glow-up in your life. I had my glow-up when I was hitting eighth grade, I'd say."

On what she did for weight loss, Milania shared that she ate "healthiest meals" three times a day from a nutritionist hired by her mother. She added that she exercised before and after school.

During the podcast episode, Teresa herself gave her two cents on Milania's weight loss journey. "They have to wanna do it themselves," she stressed. "You can't force them, and I didn't want her to have a complex or anything, and I thought she looked adorable. She was just a little thicker."

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