Greta Gerwig Dishes on Growing Up With Undiagnosed ADHD

The 'Barbie' director has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but she didn't get diagnosed until she's adult as she talks about growing up with 'a really active imagination.'

AceShowbiz - Greta Gerwig is battling ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The "Barbie" director discussed her condition - which can lead to impulsive behaviour and trouble concentrating - in a new interview with the Guardian, revealing she always had a lot of energy as a child but she didn't get diagnosed until she was an adult.

"[At school I] had a ton of energy. Now, as an adult, I have ADHD - they diagnosed me. But as a kid, my mum was like, 'Let's sign her up for every activity. Let's tire her out.' I've always had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. I was just interested in, like, everything. I had a really active imagination. I had a lot of really deep feelings. I was emotional," she told the newspaper.

The 39-year-old actress/director is mum to two kids with her partner and collaborator Noah Baumbach, and she says her eldest son has inherited her love of "high drama." She explained, "Occasionally he'll have these moments of high drama."

"He'll fall to the floor. He did this the other day. I wasn't able to make him breakfast instantly, because I was feeding my three-month-old, and he fell to the floor, weeping and said, 'I'm having a sorely trying day. It's already a problem.' I was like, 'Oh, such drama.' But also, like, 'Oh, that's from me.' That's my level of grandiose."

The couple co-wrote "Barbie" together, but Noah decided against attending the movie's premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 9 to show his support for the ongoing Writers Guild of America strikes which have been running this year as part of a dispute over pay and conditions with studio bosses.

During the glitzy event, Greta gave a nod to Noah as well as the striking writers, saying, "My co-writer and co-creator, my partner in love and art, Noah Baumbach is not here. He is passionately supporting the fight of the Writers Guild of America. From the first line to the last cut, this movie is his as much as anyone's. He is a Barbie girl. Nothing in 'Barbie' happened without him, and nothing in Hollywood happens without writers."

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