Taylor Swift Fans Fume After Elon Musk Compares Her to 'Napoleon Dynamite in Drag'
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In a bizarre tweet, the SpaceX founder posts a meme that reads, 'When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite,' along with a picture of the pop singer next to a photo of the movie character.

AceShowbiz - Swifties are coming at Elon Musk after the latter's tweet rubbed Taylor Swift fans the wrong way. The billionaire has been dragged online by the singer's devotees after he compared her to "Napoleon Dynamite in Drag."

In a bizarre tweet which has since been deleted, the owner of Twitter posted on the app a meme that read, "When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite." The meme included a picture of the Grammy winner next to Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite.

In the caption, the 51-year-old entrepreneur wrote, "[I] am a [Taylor Swift] fan - of course - but how do we know for sure they're different people?"

While the tweet has been deleted from his page, possibly after it received negative feedback, it didn't stop Swifties from slamming Elon. One person wrote, "He should look at himself in the mirror, worry about that."

Another Taylor fan accused Elon, "He is so bitter that she doesn't acknowledge him." A baffled social media user asked, "What did Taylor Swift do to deserve this from Elon Musk?" A fourth quipped, "Can he just leave this earth?" while another comment read, "He's gone too far. I'm tired of Elon."

"He needs to leave her alone," a sixth person added, while another chimed in, "We don't care about this man." An eighth user said, "Elon Musk stop being annoying and obbsessing over Taylor Swift she's not gonna notice you."

Another warned Elon of the wrath of Swifties, claiming, "The Swifities [Taylor Swift fans] about to get him real good." Similarly, someone else penned, "Not Elon Musk tweeting about Taylor Swift.... Sir do you really think you can win against the swifties?????"

This isn't the first time Elon made a comment about Taylor. Back in March, he responded to a Twitter user who stated, "Taylor swift rules and if you disagree you'll be kicked off the internet i'm pretty sure," by saying, "Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional." It appears that he admired the singer's ability to draw in a massive fan following with her songs that resonate with the audience.

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