Jana Kramer Forwent Surrogacy Plans Before Becoming Pregnant With Allan Russell's Child
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The 'One Tree Hill' alum reveals she considered surrogacy before becoming pregnant again, but changed her mind after thinking that she would miss enjoying pregnancy with someone she loves.

AceShowbiz - Jana Kramer considered surrogacy before she became pregnant. The 39-year-old star recently announced that she's expecting her first child with her fiance Allan Russell, but Jana has also confirmed that she previously considered other options in her bid to have a baby.

Speaking on her "Whine Down" podcast, she shared, "I said, 'We can do IVF and surrogate it,' but then I miss out on having that, enjoying that pregnancy with someone I know is being faithful and loves me and experiencing that and to have that moment that it should have always been. So I fought with myself about it."

Jana, who already has Jace, four, and Jolie, seven, with her ex-husband Mike Caussin, ultimately concluded that she didn't "need" to have another child. She said, "I have two beautiful, healthy children. I don't need another one."

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Jana revealed that she doubted whether she'd be able to have another child, after suffering heart-breaking miscarriages in the past. The singer told PEOPLE, "I've had miscarriages, so I didn't even know if it was possible. I'm like, yes, it'd be beautiful for us to create something because I love this man. It would be the silver lining with everything that happened, but I'd always get kind of down about it because I didn't know if I was capable of carrying a pregnancy again. I was like, well, I'm going to be 40 in December, so I was like, we have one month to try. Literally one month."

Jana also described her pregnancy as a "really beautiful thing." She said, "I didn't think it would ever happen again, if I'm being honest. I've been through a lot, so this has just been a really beautiful thing. I'm letting it all sink in. It's everything I've wanted and more. Allan was so sweet. He wrote me this little sticky note saying, 'You deserve the happy ending.' "

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