Jake Paul Hit With 'Reality Check' After Losing to Tommy Fury

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has 'learned so much more' about himself after losing to Tyson Fury's brother in an April match which took place in Saudi Arabia.

AceShowbiz - Jake Paul was left feeling like an "actual boxer" after losing to Tommy Fury. The YouTuber admitted the defeat made him learn far more about himself than anything else he's done after he was on the wrong side of a split decision when facing the former "Love Island" star in Saudi Arabia in April.

"I've learned so much more about myself in that loss than really a lot of other moments in my life. The period after the fight… It was intense man," he told Boxing News.

"Lots of deep thoughts, lots of changes being made within the camp, switching things up and having to revisit the drawing board and taking a look at everything - myself, my coaches, my friends, what went wrong. It wasn't necessarily the easiest to figure out and a lot of those answers weren't fun."

Jake admitted the aftermath provided him with a "reality check" and a chance to examine what really drives him. He said, "There had to be a lot of these changes but it was a great reality check and, man, it's like I'm going round knocking pretty much everyone out or down to the canvas at least and making a bunch of money doing it."

"And you can get kind of caught up in that and you can lose that hunger. I thought I still had that same hunger and motivation, but it turns out, in hindsight, I didn't. Obviously I'm new in this game and so there's so much to learn and the weeks after were some of the toughest moments of my life, but now I'm able to look back at it, this reaffirmed my belief and almost made me sign this contract that maybe wasn't even signed yet, with boxing, forever."

"Because when I was winning and winning and winning, I was like, 'Oh, I might just win a couple more fights and then retire. But now I realise I need this sport and I'm going to be here for a lot longer than I originally thought."

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