Nicolas Cage's Son Compares Child Custody Battle with Ex-Wife to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Feud
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Weston Cage Coppola slams 'materialistic people' amid his bitter legal feud with former wife and compares himself to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor.

AceShowbiz - Nicolas Cage's son has alleged "various materialistic people" are trying to exploit him and his family's fame and fortune. While opening up about his life, sobriety, and a bitter spousal and child support court battle with the mother of his twin daughters, Weston Cage Coppola, 32, whom his "Face/Off" actor dad, 59, had with actress Christina Fulton, 55, made the accusation.

"Various materialistic people and those who are insidiously inspired by my fame and the fame of my family have ceaselessly tried to destroy me," he said on his Instagram in a long post titled "Justice for Weston Starts Now", which featured an image of him with his famous father.

Weston - whose great-uncle is Oscar-winning "Apocalypse Now" director Francis Ford Coppola, 84, added, "People that meet us have a false fantasy that my father, uncles, and I will be catering to their dreams of making people famous or that we have money growing on trees to hand out. When their fantasies are squashed, they hold us hostage with smear campaigns that certain journalists live to be the 'first to cover the drama.' "

Weston did not specifically name his ex-wife Hila Coppola Cage in the post after she filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking additional spousal and child support plus $30,000 in legal fees to hire a leading lawyer to help in the case.

The former couple's legal clash started earlier this year when Hila filed a claim demanding $4,634 in monthly support to help raise her and musician Weston's two-year-old twins, Venice and Cyress. In earlier court filings, she claimed her ex-partner maintains a "lavish lifestyle" and is flush with cash from monthly trust fund payments of $16,666, along with money he receives from acting gigs.

Weston also used his Instagram post to compare himself to Johnny Depp, 60, who recently won his defamation claim against ex-wife Amber Heard, 37, saying, "This is why Johnny Depp had to prove himself innocent in the unconstitutional state of California. It's all guilty until proven innocent."

He also claimed his mental health and sobriety is in a "perfect" place and said he is planning to set the record straight about his life in a documentary that will expose people he says have entered his life with an "agenda."

Weston said, "I will have a documentary and biopic that will feature evidence of who I am, my talents and all the wrongdoings and wrongdoers of my life by shining light to the truth and no longer the myth."

He has insisted he only received $7,300 a month from his famous five-times married dad - who has two other children by two of his wives including his current partner Riko Shibata - and claimed around $1,500 of it goes to the mother of his two sons. He also declared he "voluntarily" paid Hila $2,000 per month.

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