Niecy Nash Calls 'Jeffrey Dahmer Story' 'Timeless' as Discrimination Still Exists Nowadays

The actress who plays alongside Evan Peters in 'The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' prays for the families of the victims to find 'solace' through the Netflix television series.

AceShowbiz - Niecy Nash wishes for the families of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims to find "solace" through the TV series based on his crimes. The 53-year-old actress played the next-door neighbour of the notorious serial killer - who murdered 17 men between 1978 and 1991 - in the Netflix hit "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" and explained that she wanted to help represent the victims, especially after her brother Michael was killed in a school shooting in 1993.

"My brother was murdered on his high school campus. And you never forget. You're reminded if you pass a cemetery, by a favorite song, a smell, memory, photo," she told Variety.

"If you have had a loved one die in a horrific way, it is going to be with you for the rest of your life, not just from a TV show, so the goal would be - how do people remember them? Hopefully, there is some solace in us introducing your loved ones to the world, and not just having them just be a faceless, nameless person connected to this case. That was what I prayed for."

The award-winning star went on to add that the show has become a "phenomenon" that she didn't expect but noted that because of the discrimination that still exists today, the story remains a "timeless" entity.

She added, " 'Dahmer' is a phenomenon I didn't see coming. This story is timeless. We are going backwards in our laws right now. Today, there are people, based on just how they look, who are not believed and are abused, misused, taken advantage of and murdered, even by police. A lot of the themes of the series, you can go outside and find them right outside the front door."

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