Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Shuts Down 'Gold Digger' Accusations
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In the singer's new documentary, 'Jelly Roll: Save Me', the couple opens up about their relationship, including claims that Bunnie is with Jelly Roll only for his money.

AceShowbiz - Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie XO is setting the record straight. In the singer's new documentary, "Jelly Roll: Save Me", the couple opened up about their relationship, including claims that Bunnie is with Jelly Roll only for his money.

Of the accusations, Bunnie said, "When I met him, I was just like, 'Who the f**k is this dude?' " She continued, "He was nobody. He was playing to a room of 30 people. It's always like, 'She's a gold digger,' and I'm likeā€¦that's not the case."

According to Bunnie, when they first met, Jelly Roll would call her and ask her for things that he needed for his young daughter, Bailee, who was born in 2008. "I didn't mind it," she explained. "That's the hold J had on me."

Jelly Roll was in prison when Bailee was born. Later when she was 7, he got full custody of her amidst her mother's struggle with drug addiction.

Meanwhile, Jelly Roll gushed over Bunnie, whom he has been married to since 2016, in the new documentary. Talking about why he and Bunnie are able to relate to each other and connect on such a deep level, the musician shared, "[She's] always been in the sex worker industry, that's the culture in Vegas. I just related to that so much."

"I understood how much an environment can affect you and how you see things. Bunnie was who she was. I was who I was. It was two people looking to run wild together. I think that's what attracted me to Bunnie," he went on divulging.

Their marriage, however, hasn't always been easy. Bunnie admitted that their relationship was "extremely toxic" at first due to their partying. However, Jelly Roll had previously made a promise to himself that he would be there for his daughter. He also said that getting custody of Bailee helped them get on a straighter path.

Jelly Roll wasn't the only one who made the effort. Bunnie said she hasn't taken a pill since Bailee moved in with her and her husband, while Jelly Roll has given up hard drugs. He, however, admitted that he still smokes marijuana and drinks alcohol.

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