Ashlee Simpson on Her Marriage to Evan Ross: 'It Takes Works'

The 'Pieces of Me' Singer Feels 'very lucky' to be able to 'grow' together with her husband as they continue to learn how to understand each other since their 2014 wedding.

AceShowbiz - Ashlee Simpson has said marriage "takes work." The 38-year-old pop star has been wed to "The Hunger Games" actor Evan Ross since 2014 but was initially married to Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz from 2008 until 2011 and admitted, ahead of their upcoming 10th anniversary, she just wants to "celebrate" how they understand each other.

"I will just celebrate our love, Marriage takes work and understanding each other and it's so important to stay on point and grow with one another. I'm very lucky," she told E! News.

Meanwhile, the "Pieces of Me" hitmaker - who has Bronx, 14, with her ex-husband as well as daughter Jagger, seven, and two-year-old Zigy with Evan - is also the creative director for Kempa Home furniture brand and went on to add that as a mother-of-three, she finds it so "important" for everyone to learn how to build a business.

She added, "Every season, you feel like, 'Oh, I want to add this or I want to paint this wall,' and we're on the same page. My mom has always loved decorating a house, except for when I was younger. I wanted my room to be black and she gave me Ralph Lauren daisies!"

"I think I bought a hookah because I was 18! I was so excited I could buy a hookah! But that must be somewhere in my storage because I haven't had that in quite some time. I've learned through so many things in my life, but if there was something I could look back and wish I would have known it's listening to others, but truly trusting your vision."

"So we have all the questions around us of 'What are you inspired by? What do you want to be?' This is such a beautiful place for everyone to really come and learn how to build a business. Being a mom of three, I find it so important."

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