Cam'ron Comes to Ja Morant's Defense Amid Athlete's Suspension Due to Gun Incidents

The Harlem rapper shows support for the NBA star after has got suspended again by his team Memphis Grizzlies for flashing a gun on Instagram Live earlier this month

AceShowbiz - Cam'ron has shown his full support to Ja Morant. When weighing in on the latter's gun incidents, the Harlem rapper suggested that the athlete doesn't have to get suspended and face backlash due to that matter.

"Alright, I heard about kicking a dog when he's down, but y'all b***hes buggin,' " the 47-year-old said on "It Is What It Is". "Listen, if Pooh Shiesty was in there with a pistol, and stuck it all in your face, you'd be hype and all types of s**t."

"If [Lil Durk] came in there and smacked you with the pistol, you'd fall on the floor and do a muthaf**kin' backflip and love it, as long as he throwing money on you," the hip-hop star added. "Now, because n***a Ja Morant going through a little something, y'all see it's all NBA and gun control."

Cam'ron went on to argue, "A n***a got a pistol in the strip club every f**king night. It's a n***a with a pistol in there and he'll turn ya b***hes on." He further elaborated, "Y'all get excited when y'all see the pistol. N***a drink a bottle, show you the pistol, throw the 1's and you go home or slide with that n***a. Now you wanna kick Ja Morant when he down? That's f**ked up.

"Now, Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA, they got a right to do that," Cam'ron concluded. "Y'all dancers see guns every night. Cut the s**t. That's my opinion."

Ja Morant has been suspended again by his team Memphis Grizzlies after he flashed a gun on Instagram Live earlier this month. In the video, he was seen brandishing his firearm while in a car with his friend Davonte Pack.

It's his second suspension in two months over a similar incident. Back in March, he was suspended after he livestreamed himself on Instagram holding a gun at a nightclub in Glendale, Colorado. While he was not charged with a crime following police's investigation, he agreed to enter a counseling program in Florida.

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