Blueface Under Fire for 'Bullying' Drunk Woman at Night Club

Attracting the attention of many for all the wrong reasons, the 'Thotiana' spitter records himself grabbing a drunk woman's hair with force several times and shares the clip on social media.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has found himself in hot water. Attracting the attention of many for all the wrong reasons, the "Thotiana" spitter was bombarded with strong criticisms after seemingly bullying a drunk woman at a night club.

In late May, the 26-year-old rapper made use of Instagram Story to post a video documenting his night out at the club. In the short clip shared, a woman could be seen sitting on a sofa with her head down and seemingly not having her best time.

While the woman's friends tried to talk to her and convince her to stand up, Blueface was recorded grabbing the woman's hair. He did not make the move just once, but could be seen yanking her hair again with extra force at certain times.

The Instagram Story video quickly made its way into The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram page. Its caption that accompanied the reposted video read, "Now why is BlueFace grabbing this Woman’s Hair like this! *We do not condone bullying."

It did not take long for the comments section of the post to be flooded with strong criticisms over Blueface's behavior. One complained, "Wtf is wrong with him this is literally a start to a horrible situation." Another chided, "Yall see he don't respect his mother what makes yall think he gonna respect any female." A third asked, "Omg lock this man up. Don't he got a case against him?"

The backlash did not stop there. A fourth suggested, "A n***a that has no respect for women is struggling wit his sexuality." A fifth weighed in, "These not real friends these are bishes who wanted to be cute for some n***ahs on they friend . It's sad ! You should've been helping your friend - that's why I don't drink around everybody sip but never drink."

More Instagram users took issues with Blueface's past behavior. One argued, "I'm really mad now that y'all canceled DaBaby so fast nd he can actually rap then here's blueface with no talent or nothing and he treats his bm like trash publicly everyday even other women and nobody say enough is enough?"

"Like he needs to be banned from the internet," the user continued. Another one, in the meantime, stated, "He did it cause He's USE TO PUTTING HIS HANDS ON HIS GIRL ! He gon meet the right chick one day watch !"

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