Yo Gotti Vows to Give $2M for Any Lawyer Who Can Get 42 Dugg Out of Jail

The 41-year-old record executive's post arrives after the incarcerated rapper sent out a desperate plea from jail, claiming that 'Atlanta U.S. Marshals are trying to keep me from going home.'

AceShowbiz - Yo Gotti is going above and beyond to help 42 Dugg get his freedom back. The "Rake It Up" rapper declared on social media that he will give $2 million to any lawyer who can get the "Maybach" spitter out of jail.

Making use of Instagram Story on Wednesday, May 17, the 41-year-old record executive penned, "I got 2 Million for any lawyer that can get Dugg out Early !!" The emcee, who's celebrating his latest milestone on Friday, added, "Thanks what I want for my Birthday. #FreeDoggy."

Yo Gotti's post arrived after 42 Dugg posted a desperate plea from jail. "Let me update y'all on whats really going on. Atlanta U.S. Marshals are trying to keep me from going home. I was supposed to get out October 14th of last year. They illegally held me without reasoning because they felt my federal judge in Detroit shouldn't have given me bond," he penned.

"I let that slide. Then after I got sentenced, one of them tells me that he's not sending me to a prison, he's going to make me do my time in a county jail, which is ten times worse," he continued. "Then he had the nerve to tell me he knows where I live because his people sold me one of my houses."

"So, alright. Now I was supposed to have court today for an old case. The U.S. Marshals then told the jail don't let me on Zoom to handle the case, so I can't possibly go to the halfway house," the incarcerated musician further lamented. "Bruh, these motherf**kers been sending all kind of guards to talk to me, seeing if I'mma ask for something. The crazy thing is they putting me on game, they're telling me, 'The Marshals are trying to ruin your life. They don't want you going home.' "

42 Dugg, who was taken into custody in his hometown of Detroit in May 2022 for avoiding 6-month prison sentence, added, "They haven't even submitted my paperwork for me to receive my out date and calculate my days." He then told fans, "I need the best civil lawyer in Georgia man. I'm in jail for going to the gun range, dropping dirt, and failure to appear. I didn't steal from nobody, or hurt nobody. They handling me crazy man."

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