Post Malone Books Release Date for New Album 'Austin'

The 'Circles' hitmaker reveals in a new Instagram video that he played guitar on every song on his self-titled studio album and found it 'a really, really fun experience.'

AceShowbiz - Post Malone has confirmed his new album "Austin" is released on July 28. The "Circles" hitmaker - whose real name is Austin Richard Post - has described making the follow-up to 2022's "Twelve Carat Toothache" as the "most challenging and rewarding" experience and also revealed that he plays guitar on every track.

"Hey guys, what's going on? It's Posty. I wanted to say that I love you guys so very f*****' much. I'm here on tour in Europe right now," he said in an Instagram video update. "And I wanted to tell you guys that I have an album coming out this summer on July 28th."

"It's called 'Austin,' like my name. That is my name. It's been some of the funnest music, some of the most challenging and rewarding music for me, at least. You know, trying to really push myself and really do some cool stuff."

The second track from the album, "Mourning", is out on Friday, May 19. The first, "Chemical", was released in April as part of "The Diamond Collection".

Post continued, "I played guitar on every song on the record and it was a really, really fun experience. I'm super, super excited to share it with you. 'Chemical' is out and that song is on the record."

"And then on Friday, I have another song called 'Mourning' with a 'u'… like that. But I'm super excited to get that out for you guys. We just shot a music video in Scotland, it's absolutely stunning up there. There's a big a** ice cube in it which I thought was pretty bad***."

He added, "But I'm super excited for you guys to hear it and I love you guys so very much. You know, I hope you guys just keep f*****' being amazing and keep spreading love and just keep being yourself and I f*****' love y'all, man. Have a great f*****' night, have a great f*****' week, hug your fam, and just keep spreading love. Love you guys!”

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