Ime Udoka Apologizes Once Again for Dragging People Into 'Tough Position' Due to His Affair
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Ime, who has been suspended as Boston's head coach for the entirety of the 2022-23 NBA season, also reveals that he has been working on himself following his cheating scandal.

AceShowbiz - Ime Udoka has once again addressed his cheating scandal. During a press release on Wednesday, April 26, the Boston Celtics coach apologized to those who have been put into a "tough position" due to his affair.

"I released a statement months ago when everything happened and apologized to a lot of people for the tough position I put them in, and I stand by that," the 45-year-old said. "I feel much more remorse even now towards that."

"I spent this last offseason working on myself in a lot of different ways, improving in areas, chance to sit back, reflect and grow," Ime added. "And I think that will make me a better coach and overall a better leader. But, the situation, the matter has been resolved and I can't really speak much about it."

Ime went on to note, "Just having that time off and a full understanding of how many people you impact by a poor decision. That's where you start with the ownership and accountability." He continued, "I preach that to the players, and so I have to take full responsibility for my part in it."

Ime has been suspended as Boston's head coach for the entirety of the 2022-23 NBA season due to his inappropriate relationship with a female staffer. Since then, he claimed he's been working on himself, such as taking "leadership and sensitivity training, and some counseling with my son to help him improve the situation that I put him in."

"It would have been a waste of a year if I sat back and sulked about certain things, but I took steps in a process to prove myself, become a better father, a better family member to people I hurt, and honestly, I think going forward, those things that I learned and worked on will help me become a better coach and leader," Ime, who split from Nia Long following his affair, further elaborated. "So, I looked at this as another challenge in how am I going to handle this adversity? And so, I feel like I went about it the right way and will continue to work on that."

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