Emily Ratajkowski Seen With Ex Sebastian Bear-McClard for First Time Since Grooming Allegations
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The 'Gone Girl' star reunites with her estranged husband to exchange their 2-year-old son Sylvester in New York City, after he was accused of sleeping with two teen girls.

AceShowbiz - Emily Ratajkowski is putting her son first. The actress/model seemingly has no problem maintaining communication with her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard as they are amicably co-parenting their only child together despite recent allegations against him.

On Wednesday, April 12, the brunette beauty was spotted reuniting with her estranged husband to exchange their son Sylvester. The former pair met up somewhere near her apartment in New York City.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail, the mother of one looked excited to be reunited with her son, who sat atop his father's shoulders. She flashed a big smile upon seeing her little one and even brought him a present.

Emily dressed casually in a black T-shirt with mustard pants. She brought along her beloved Husky-German Shepherd mix, Colombo, during the outing.

Her reunion with her estranged husband came less than two weeks after Sebastian was accused of "grooming" several women when they were teen. In an interview with Variety, a 24-year-old woman said the film producer reached out to her when she was just 17 years old via Instagram. The two later met up at a loft in New York City and the meeting resulted in a small role in his film, "Good Time".

Once she arrived on set, the woman was shocked to find out that she had to shoot with an "actor who had recently been released from prison" naked. The accuser initially thought she was about to film with the movie's star, Robert Pattinson.

"[I] was utterly stunned and felt terrified," she recalled. "My distress only worsened when out of nowhere, [an actor] whispered in my ear if 'he could stick it in' while the cameras rolled. I said 'no.' "

Shortly after the incident, the young woman reportedly began having sex with Sebastian. They allegedly continued a consensual relationship for more than two years.

A second woman claimed she met Sebastian when she was 18 and accused him of "grooming" her by making her "career promises" via Instagram. "Sebastian and I started kissing," she detailed. "Things escalated and then, without asking for my consent, Sebastian inserted himself inside me without using a condom."

The woman also accused him of other concerning behavior, like calling her "retarded" and a "kike" and tracking her phone. She claimed her relationship with the "Uncut Gems" producer occurred while he was already married to Emily.

Sebastian has not publicly responded to the women's accusations.

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