Brooke Shields Calls JFK Jr. Her Best Kiss Although He Ignored Her for Refusing to Sleep with Him

According to the model, the late attorney showed his 'true colors' after she declined his sexual advances on their first date.

AceShowbiz - Brooke Shields has gotten candid about her first and only date with John F. Kennedy Jr. Though he ignored her for refusing to sleep with him, the model described the late attorney as "the best kiss I've ever had in my life."

"It was beyond not disappointing," the 57-year-old additionally shared when appearing on "The Howard Stern Show". She then recalled, "The lips are beautiful, and the face is amazing, and the body and the person... and he was down to earth."

On the reason why she declined his sexual advances on their first date, Brooke explained, "I was like, 'Oh my God, you're falling in love and if you sleep with him, he may not talk to you again and you can't handle that.' " She also emphasized that she "wasn't playing a game."

"I really was just so afraid of being really hurt," the actress continued sharing. "Because if I slept with him I would have given him my entire universe, my heart, my everything."

According to Brooke, JFK Jr. showed his "true colors" after the rejection. "I had to get a cab home, which was a little less chivalrous, in my opinion," she recalled.

Brooke then remembered meeting JFK Jr. on the ski slopes the next day, but he ignored her. "He didn't look at me and he didn't talk to me," she recounted. "On the one hand, I was like 'S**t.' On the other hand, I was like, 'Oh, thank God, because he still might not have talked to you."

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