GloRilla Sets the Record Straight About 3-Year Prison Stint Over Stolen Cereal

The Memphis native, who previously claimed she went to jail for three years for shoplifting cereal, clears up the air regarding her statement in a series of posts shared on Twitter.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla has set the record straight about her prison stint. Months after claiming that she spent 3 years in jail for stealing boxes of cereal, the "Tomorrow 2" femcee took to Twitter to clarify her statement.

On Wednesday, April 5, the Memphis native hopped on her Twitter account and wrote, "You h*es really sat y'all a** up there & believed I went to jail for 3 years for stealing cereal," She added, "& dats why you h**s hearts be in y'all a** today because y'all believe whatever a n***a tell you."

"& dats da reason you N***as be taking care of kids dats not y'all's till they 12 because you believe whatever a ho tell you," she added in a follow-up tweet.

Glo first brought up the claim when speaking to Funny Marco for Breakbeat Media in May 2022. At that time, she said that she was incarcerated for three years for stealing cereal from K-Mart.

"So, they actually put that on there. Wow, they put my business on there. Yeah, I did," she stated after being asked about the rumor. "I don't like the fact that you dug that up. Yes, I did. He didn't make that up."

After clearing up the air, Glo turned back to her Twitter page to declred that she "never gave a single f**k about a ho/nigga not liking me." She added, "& a mf bet not lemme find out Dey don't like me cause now im finna work yo nerves & do everything in my power to make you hate me ho.

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