Blac Chyna Claims It's 'the Devil' in Response to Mom Tokyo Toni Seemingly Wishing Death on Her

Refusing to go down the same route as her mother, the former music video vixen claims that she's a 'really intelligent person' and notes that it's 'just the devil' working.

AceShowbiz - While Blac Chyna has been taking a different direction in her life lately, she seemingly still can't move past her volatile relationship with her mom Tokyo Toni. The reality TV star has reacted after her mom seemingly wished death on her.

"That's just the devil, that's just the enemy and guess what I'm not going for it," the "Rob & Chyna" alum said during an interview when asked about her mom's recent hateful message. Refusing to go down the same route as her mother, she declared, "I'm a really intelligent person."

Chyna also acknowledged that her mom refuses to respect her wishes of transitioning back to her birth name. She pointed out, "If you look at her video she always says 'Chyna, my daughter Chyna.' She never says my daughter Angela. So guess what those gifts that she's trying to send this way, they're not directed towards me. My name is Angela. My name is not Chyna. So direct that somewhere else."

Previously, Toni accused Chyna of pulling off a "PR stunt" following her journey to return to natural beauty by removing her face fillers and butt injections. "Chyna is a PR stunt. C'mon b***h, we know better. I don't give a f**k if she don't ever talk to me in life, chile," she said in a video rant.

"I raised her, had her, taught her, she know everything! This b***h is faking," Toni insisted in the video, which made rounds online earlier this week. "In Jesus' name, stop her. Right now! Put her on her back. I'm not playing with you, Lord. Take her name out of the last book of life."

Interestingly, Toni was seemingly happy for Chyna when she removed her demonic tattoo of the demon Baphomet on her hip last month. In late March, the 34-year-old took to her social media page to show the tattoo removal process and it caught the attention of her mother. As soon as she saw the video, Toni began to hyperventilate while thanking God and crying tears of joy.

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