Chris O'Dowd's Wife Sought Advice From Psychic as They Hit Rough Patch in Their Relationship

According to the 'Bridesmaids' actor, his wife Dawn O'Porter was convinced they were meant to be despite their shaky relationship after she went to a fortune teller.

AceShowbiz - Chris O'Dowd's wife Dawn O'Porter was devoted to their relationship after a spooky reading from a fortune teller. The "Bridesmaids" star has opened up his romance with the writer and TV presenter was fairly rocky at the start and he wasn't sure whether they would go the distance as a couple, but a scarily accurate message from a psychic changed Dawn's mind and convinced her they were meant to be.

"I've never really been into fortune things, but weirdly, my wife would always have her palm read ... [In the early days of our relationship] it was kind of up and down a bit .... I don't know if we thought we were going to make it or not," Chris explained according to the Daily Mail newspaper's Alison Boshoff.

"She went to a fortune teller, and the fortune teller told her that she was going to spend her life with a man on a horse. The next minute she received a text from me. I was shooting a film in London at the time, and I was on a horse for the movie."

The couple met at Dawn's 30th birthday party and went on to date before tying the knot in 2012. They are now parents to two sons together.

Dawn - who changed her name from Porter to O'Porter after marrying Chris - previously opened up about their relationship in an interview with The Independent newspaper, revealing she wouldn't have married him if he didn't get along with her beloved cat.

She explained, "I'd met the man I thought I was going to marry, but there was no way I would still be with him if he hated my cat. At that time in my life, she was my priority. At the start, it was very difficult. After the first night he stayed at my house, she puked on his side of the bed. It was absolutely a protest puke. She just knew this guy was a serious problem."

"He was livid and I had to put her outside the bedroom, which was totally fair enough. But being Siamese, she would howl at the door, and it sounded like someone was being murdered in the corridor. Eventually, she crept her way back in and over time, they bonded. He loved her, but he would always joke about what a horrible person she was."

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