Blac Chyna on 'Round 2' of Dissolving Fillers, Excited Her Face Isn't 'Super Boxy' Anymore

The Lashed by Blac Chyna founder documents her visit to a clinic to get more of her fillers dissolved, telling her followers that it will take some time to see the final results.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna continues taking her fans on a journey of her returning to natural beauty. After deciding to remove all of her face fillers earlier this month, the reality TV star has returned to a clinic for "Round 2" of dissolving her fillers.

Documenting the process on her social media page, the 34-year-old posted on Instagram on Monday, March 20 a video of her in a car while heading to Allure Laser in Los Angeles. "I'm on my way now to get some more of the fillers dissolved," she said in the clip.

The mother of two highlighted some areas that she wanted to bring back to their natural state, including her lips, cheekbones and jawline. "As you can see right here, there's still filler right here in my lip so it's kind of pushing it over to the side. So I'm going to dissolve that, dissolve more in that area," she explained, while pointing to her cheekbones.

"I have, like, naturally high cheekbones. That's just, like, genetics," the former music video vixen added. Already excited with the current results, she added, "But all in all, it looks really good so far. Like, my face has came down tremendously, especially in [my jawline] area, so it's not super boxy. Not boxy. This is, like, my actual jaw."

"I already have the structure. I don't know why I even did all the fillers," the former fiancee of Rob Kardashian explained why she regretted having fillers. "Well, I did it because I mean, everybody was doing it. So let this be a lesson. Don't even do it, y'all. It's not even worth it."

She went on stating, "And besides, I did it when I was so young. I didn't even give my body time to fully develop. So we try to do these things at a very young age. Just trust me, it's going to come."

The model reminded younger girls that they will achieve the "snatched face that [they] want and that [they] need" with time, not needles. "And then when you get older, you're going to be like, 'Oh, I miss my baby face,' " she joked.

The "Rob & Chyna" alum said that it will take some time to see the final results. "I seen the picture that was posted of me. Like, obviously it didn't kick in yet. So just wait on the final results you guys," she said of her public appearance after the first session of dissolving her fillers. "I can't wait to see, too." She added that may have to come back for a third or fourth session.

Chyna previously showed the process of her getting her fillers dissolved on March 15. "I am getting these fillers dissolved from my cheeks and from my jawline because enough is enough and all has to come out," she said in a video. "And that's just as simple as that."

Once Chyna was in the clinic, she told the doctor that she was "tired of the look" because it "totally changed" her face. "I am ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna is Blac Chyna and I feel like I've outgrown that and it's time for a change," she explained before the doctor started injecting the dissolver.

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