Paris Hilton Claims Teenage Trauma and Sex Abuse Robbed Her of Childhood
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The 42-year-old reality TV star/DJ says she spent years 'going out' and 'travelling' so she could avoid having 'to think about what I had been through' as a teen.

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton is mourning the loss of her childhood after she was abused as a teen. The hotel heiress turned DJ, 42, now settled down with her venture capitalist husband Carter Reum, and their two-month-old son Phoenix, was groomed aged 14 by a teacher at her school and fears she was raped and drugged by an older man she met at a shopping mall a year later.

She told The Guardian, "All of the things that every teenage girl would go through: going to school, going to the prom, going to college, I missed out on so much of that." Paris added she spent years fighting "so much trauma that I didn't want to think" while growing up, and was "going out" and "travelling" so she could avoid having "to think about what I had been through."

Paris opened up on how her parents came home to find her in a car on the driveway kissing the older teacher who groomed her when she was 14. They were on the verge of moving from Bel Air to the Waldorf Astoria in New York at the time of the incident, and she said they got so "worried" to have "a young girl in New York City at that point" they sent her to live with her grandma in Palm Springs.

She said being sent away from her family was the start of her "not being able to trust people, especially adults," and in Palm Springs she was drugged and most likely raped by a man she met in a shopping mall when she was 15. Her memories of the incident are fleeting and she never mentioned it to her grandmother or anyone else.

But Paris, who spoke to The Guardian to promote her autobiography "Paris: The Memoir", says in the book she wants people to "move past the easy assumption" that "men are pigs and models are dumb." She added, "That's not fair or true or useful. Most men are basically decent, I think, and successful models travel all over the world."

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