Lisa Rinna's Daughter Delilah Says She Had 'Painful' Seizure While Filming Music Video

The 24-year-old beauty, whom the TV personality shares with husband Harry Hamlin, reveals that she manages to see the silver linings of her health scare despite the pain.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Rinna's daughter experienced a health scare on the set of a music video for her new song. In a new interview, Delilah Hamlin said she had a "painful" seizure while filming "Nothing Last Forever" visuals.

"On the second day of filming the music video, it was, like, nine hours into the day and I suffered from seizures," the 24-year-old, whom Lina shares with husband Harry Hamlin, told Entertainment Tonight. "We don't really know too much about them yet. Even though it's been years, we're still trying to figure it out. I ended up having a seizure on set."

Noting that the seizure was "scary painful," Delilah claimed that "it was probably one of the worst I've had in a while." Luckily, she "had everyone I loved around me."

The older sister of Amelia Hamlin managed to see the silver linings though. She said her seizure was "a beautiful thing" because it made her "able to bring the emotion of that into filming the next day."

Now that she has released the track and its accompanying video, Delilah said she feels "proud" of herself for continuing to work following the health scare. "At the same time, I'm like, I do this all the time," she further explained. "It's so normal for me now. That I'm just like, 'OK, get up.' When you don't feel good, but you gotta do the day."

Delilah shared her story a few months after she revealed that she has been secretly fighting an autoimmune condition. "I haven't really spoken on my health lately and if you're new here you're probably confused but for the past few years I've been struggling with autoimmune/ chronic illness issues that I've been silently battling and overcoming," she wrote on Instagram in January.

"It's definitely been tough mentally alongside physically. I've kind of kept quiet because I don't want to be put in a 'sick' role," she continued. "I've faced a lot, overcome a lot, and I know that I'm going through this for a reason and that reason is to share what I've gone through and what I've learned with you."

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