Ashley Graham Unveils Her Husband 'in Full Vasectomy Mode' After Having Twins
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Being a guest on 'Milk Drunk by Bobbie' podcast, the plus-size model also reveals how she maintains bond with her husband after having three kids together.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Graham's husband Justin Ervin has undergone vasectomy. When appearing on "Milk Drunk by Bobbie" podcast, the plus-size model herself made the revelation that her husband of nearly 13 years went through the procedure following the birth of their twins.

"We're in full vasectomy mode," Ashley opened up during the Wednesday, March 15 episode of the podcast after joking that she might add one more child. She went on to stress that her cinematographer husband is "shooting blanks now," adding, "I don't have to be on a pill, thank God."

Commenting on the procedure for men itself, the mother of three pointed out, "It's so easy for them. It really is. It's like the easiest thing." She continued by testifying how easy it was. "Justin went shopping with me right after," she stated. "He was not laid up in bed." She did note, however, that he still "iced it."

During the chat, Ashley also talked about how she and her husband maintained their communication after having children. "Justin and I are really solid. We were able to be married for nine years before we started having kids. It really makes a difference," the 35-year-old pointed out.

The author of "A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like" additionally shared, "For us, I was so glad that we were actually able to have the time to be able to spend with each other so we got to know each other's everything. Because you really still don't know each other's everything until you bring in kids."

"And then you get to know them on a whole other level, which is exciting and frightening and challenging all at the same time," Ashley continued. She also spilled that doing prayer and meditation together kept them connected and grounded. She further stressed, "We really value our marriage and our alone time."

Ashley and Justin shared 3-year-old Isaac and 14-month-old twins Malachi and Roman together. They celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary in August 2022. At the time, the Sports Illustrated model shared a picture of a text she sent her husband that read, "Happy anniversary baby. 12 years later and we're still the hottest couple around."

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