Jordin Sparks Defended by Fans After Being Trolled Over Her National Anthem Performance
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The 'No Air' songstress finds herself being ridiculed by Internet users after performing National Anthem at the Big 12 conference championship on Saturday, March 11.

AceShowbiz - Jordin Sparks has been ridiculed by Internet users over her National Anthem performance at the Big 12 conference championship. While the "No Air" songstress hasn't responded to the criticism, fans were quick to come to her defense.

Following Jordin's performance on Saturday, March 11, some people on Twitter likened her gig to Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)'s. She was ridiculed as things took a turn when she reached the high note.

One critic in particular tweeted, "Jordin Sparks with the worst national anthem since Fergie. Outside of remembering the words that almost seemed like she was joking." Another wrote, "Jording Sparks sang the national anthem at the big 12 title game today and forgot the words. Was sounding crazy lol." Another mocked, "Jording Sparks really went for it with that national anthem, huh?"

Catching wind of the backlash, fans rallied behind the singer. "Jordin Sparks wasn't that bad it was that high note but nobody was worse than Fergie idc what y'all say," one user opined.

A different individual stated, "Y'all not about to give Jordin Sparks too much it wasn't horrible & let's not act like she hasn't already shown just how phenomenal her voice is. ... s**t happens." Someone else argued, "How are you going to host the Big 12 Championship and have a s****y a** microphone for @JordinSparks? Terrible microphone aside, she absolutely crushed the national anthem!"

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