Kodak Black Sent Back Into Rehab by Judge After Failing Drug Test

The 'Super Gremlin' hitmaker is sentenced to 30 days in a drug rehab although his lawyer claims during a court hearing that his drug test, which came back positive for fentanyl, was a mix-up.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black will have to check himself back into a rehab facility after failing a drug test. The Pompano Beach native has been ordered to drug rehab after allegedly testing positive for fentanyl while awaiting trial on a drug trafficking charge.

The rapper, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri, and his legal team appeared in a Broward County courtroom on Tuesday, February 28 after an arrest warrant was issued for him for failing to report for random drug testing and later testing positive for fentanyl. The 25-year-old had missed a court-ordered drug test on February 3 and later tested positive on February 8.

During the hearing, his lawyer Bradford Cohen claimed the rapper was out of town when he was asked to do the first test and the second test he took was a mix-up. He suggested that a star-struck drug lab technician may have mixed up the sample or paperwork. The tech who took the sample admitted that is possible.

Judge Barbara Duffy took note and told Kodak a hair sample could be taken to determine whether he had drugs in his system, but he refused and was ordered to enter rehab for 30 days. A hair test could detect drug use back 90 days compared to the few days urine and blood tests typically capture.

The judge allowed the "Tunnel Vision" hitmaker to remain free until March 7 so he could perform at the Rolling Loud concert near Los Angeles over the weekend, The Miami Herald reported. "You better get it together," she told the star in the courtroom.

"There's just so much with this that's unjust and not right about this situation," Kodak said during the hearing. "Not only am I denying it, but I'm hurt about it too because my character is being assassinated and I can't speak about all that because I don't wanna make the story bigger than what it is... All the good deeds, all the good things I do never goes viral and I don't know why."

Kodak was previously ordered to complete a 90-day treatment program for drug addiction in 2021 after failing a drug test, a violation of the terms of his supervised release in his federal gun case.

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